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Secondary 1 posting will be based on academic merit still, using the PSLE Score. If two students with the same score are being considered for the last place in a school, the following tie-breakers will be used:

  • Citizenship (priority given to Singapore Citizens, then Singapore Permanent Residents, then International Students)

  • Choice order of schools (priority given to the student who indicates a certain school as a higher choice)

  • Computerised balloting

What does this mean?


However when applying to SAP schools, Higher Chinese Language (HCL) students will continue to receive an advantage. If students with the same PSLE Score are vying for limited places in the same SAP school, those with better HCL grades will be allocated a place ahead of other students. This applies before the tie-breakers for S1 posting.

Hence parents need to take note of the following when choosing Secondary School: 


  • Your child’s PSLE Score and Secondary schools’ cut-off point (COP)

  • If your child has any other advantages e.g. HCL, special skills

  • Order of the schools’ selected

  • Subjects offered by the Secondary school (especially for ‘O’ Level) that are more suited for your child’s learning need or interests

  • CCA offered that will help develop your child’s unique strengths and interests

  • Environment

  • Facilities

For more information, please visit MOE website (click here). 

You can also visit for useful updated information by MOE regarding education in Singapore.

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