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Earth Day 

Fun Fact: 


Do you know that Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April worldwide?

Various events are held on this day to demonstrate support for environmental protection and conservation. Leading up to Earth Day, we have the Earth Week (the week before 22 April) and Earth Hour (usually in late March). In Singapore, we started celebrating Earth Hour from 2009. We countdown together across the globe and take one iconic action: switch off the lights. 

Our Singapore government has also designated 2019 as our Year Towards Zero Waste, and encourages Singaporeans to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Right (3Rs). It is important for everyone to play a part as the Earth’s resources belong to all of us. When we dump waste or release toxic gases into the environment, it poses a danger to the ecosystem and endangers the flora and fauna. 

Parents can inculcate the right attitude in children by practising simple habits such as reducing food waste, using reusable bottles, switching off electricity for appliances or lights when not in use, etc. Every action count towards inculcating an eco-lifestyle.


School After School Student Care Centre educate students on eco-conservation and good eco-habits.

At Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) Cultural Academy, we incorporate sharing of current affairs as part of our after-school care (SchoolAfterSchool - SAS) programme, and raise students’ awareness on climate change, its challenges and the importance of sustainability. 

Our curated syllabus at our SHHK Pre-school also incorporates nurturing eco-habits and respect for Nature through Living Garden projects. Pre-schoolers participate in the preparation, growth, observation, care, harvest and evaluation of our Living Garden.

Come find out more about our After-school care programme or Pre-school at Our Pre-school is open for registration now.


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Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool incorporates nurturing eco-habits and respect for Nature through Living Garden projects. 

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