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Primary 1 Mathematics

Mathematics will be taught in a fun and easy-to-understand way. This will boost up your child’s level of interest for Math. Lessons will be conducted with performance tasks and hands-on activities, where they will also acquire fundamental life skills through the various mathematical concepts.

There will be three main focuses in the lessons:

Concepts Empowerment

  • Students will be empowered in their various Mathematical concepts, such as:

    • Whole Numbers – Addition and Subtraction and Number Bonds

    • Ordinal Numbers

    • Shapes and Patterns

    • Multiplication and Division – solving Multiplication word problems

    • Length

    • Money

    • 2D and 3D Figures

    • Fractions

    • Time

    • Picture Graphs

  • Students get to strengthen their Number Sense, looking at 2-Dimensional shapes, Investigating Patterns and reading Picture Graphs. Life Skills, like counting Money, calculating Length and telling Time will be explicitly taught.

  • Students get to explore certain heuristic skill in problem solving, with much emphasis on Model Drawing – The Part-Whole and Comparison Models, Find A Pattern.

  • Students will learn the metric units in measurement, relating them to Length and Ordinal Positions.


Thinking processes

  • Students will learn through the use of concrete manipulatives in their performance tasks assigned in class.

  • Students will develop thinking skills with the help of these concrete manipulatives and perform step-by-step approach to solve problems and hands on activities.

  • Students will learn steps to self-check their derived answers. This will be reflected in their understanding of the concepts taught in that topic.



  • Students will learn through the process of learning.

  • Students will learn the ‘whys’ of their chosen approach to solve the problem.

  • Students will be taught the skills in applying their knowledge while posing word problems.

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